Hello Kitty Cupcakes

After turning 31 in late January and having a baby boy a couple of weeks later, I’ve been thinking alot about birthdays. My favorite birthday party of all time was the Hello Kitty tea party I hosted 3 years ago…complete with Hello Kitty cupcakes. (It took me days to figure out the perfect cookies and candies to use in order to achieve that famous loveable face!)

Hello Kitty Cupcakes


white wafer cookies, cut into triangles
Good ‘n Plenty candies
dark brown M&M candies
yellow M&M candies
chocolate Pocky cookies, cut into quarters

  1. Bake 1 batch of easy cupcakes and make enough white frosting to decorate. (I prefer to use the “kid-simple cupcakes” recipe from cupcakes!)
  2. Once cupcakes are cool, spread a smooth layer of frosting over the tops.
  3. Place 2 wafer cookie triangles on the top side of cupcakes as ears.
  4. Place 2 Good ‘n Plenty candies underneath the right ear to create a bow.
  5. Place 2 dark brown M&M candies in the center of each cupcake as eyes.
  6. Place 1 yellow M&M candy in between and just slightly below the eyes.
  7. Place 3 Pocky bits on the left and right sides of each cupcake as whiskers.

The Spread

I asked all the guests to dress pretty in pink, and served…


* Japanese Green Tea *
* Grace Pure Peppermint Cut Leaves*
* David Rio Fuji Apple Black Tea *
* Mariage Freres Earl Grey Silver Tips *

* Hello Kitty cupcakes *
* Pound cake with strawberries & cream *
* Crustless ham sandwiches *
* Hello Kitty toast with raspberry jam *
* Star butter cookies with pink lemon icing *
* Checkerboard wafer cookies *
* Pink gumballs *
* Hello Kitty Pez *

You can view the party details on Flickr.

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