Hamburger Cookie Cupcakes

Besides inciting crazy sales on cars and mattresses, Memorial Day Weekend also marks the official start of Grilling Season. And what American BBQ is complete without burgers?!? Here are some fun ones that meat lovers and vegetarians alike can enjoy.

Burger Cupcakes
Where’s the beef?!?


(adapted from

white frosting
yellow food coloring
red food coloring
shredded coconut
green food coloring
Nilla wafers
orange juice
white sesame seeds
Grasshopper cookies (You could use other chocolate-coated cookies, but the irregular shape of Grasshoppers look more like patties.)
red,white and blue sprinkles

  1. Bake 1 batch of easy cupcakes and make enough white frosting to decorate. (I prefer to use the “kid-simple cupcakes” recipe from cupcakes!)
  2. Once cupcakes are cool, spread a smooth layer of frosting over the tops.
  3. Divide remaining frosting in half. Color one half bright yellow and the other half bright red. Put into separate pastry bags fitted with round tips.
  4. Tint the coconut by shaking in a plastic baggie with a couple drops of green food coloring.
  5. Lay out as many Nilla wafers as you have cupcakes. Brush each with orange juice and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Let dry.
  6. Assemble each burger: Turn a naked Nilla wafer upside down. Add a very small dab of frosting. Attach Grasshopper cookie. Generously squirt red and yellow frosting on top. Sprinkle with tinted coconut. Top with a decorated Nilla wafer.
  7. Place one burger on each cupcake. Add sprinkles.
  8. Serve, and salute our nation’s heroes.

Merry Kitchen extras: pastry brush

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