Halloween Bento

Halloween Bento Feature

Happy Halloween, friends!  It’s our favorite holiday and we’re putting the finishing touches  on decorations at the O Dojo.  Naoki has been hacking away all week on a fog machine setup complete with netting, ice, fans and blacklights.  And don’t step too close to our bushes or you’ll get a loud shaking.  Have fun and stay safe tomorrow…muhahaha…

Meanwhile I’ve been at work in the kitchen and put together a Halloween bento for Boner.  As mentioned before, I’m all about ROI.  With a plan and the right tools, a working mom with little patience and weak knife skills can still put together a healthy, tasty & delightful lunch while the kids put on pajamas and brush their teeth.  I timed the bento prep and came in under 12.5 minutes.  BOOM!

Halloween Bento Time


In addition to Merry Kitchen basics, I also used:

Halloween Bento Supplies
I forgot the veggie peeler and had to grab it after photo.


  • Nori
  • Rice
  • Carrot
  • Sliced turkey
  • Ranch dressing
  • Count Chocula


  1. Grab a sheet of nori.  Use the punch to cut eye sockets. Use scissors to cut one very long thin strip, then cut that into 1 big, 3 med, 2 small pieces.
  2. Make a regular rice ball, then cup hands together like a “diamond in the sky” to shape into oblong skull.  Quickly add the nori pieces while rice is still warm. (Real Japanese folks apply nori just before eating to keep it fresh and crunchy.  But this lady ain’t got no time for that.)  Set aside to cool–you don’t want condensation building up inside the bento.
  3. Cut 2 thick carrot coins, trim into Pac-Man shapes. Poke a leaf pick into each.
  4. Cut some carrot sticks, insert through spider rings.
  5. Roll up turkey, cut in half.  Secure one half with ghost & bat picks. Secure the other half with “BOO” picks.
  6. Pour some ranch into the sauce cup.  Scoop some Count Chocula into the Halloween egg.
  7. Assemble everything into the bento box.
  8. Pat self on the back, Super Mom!

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