Halloween Eggs

Halloween Eggs

Did I already mention that I’m a bit of a hoarder?!?  Perhaps I read too much Little House on the Prairie or watched too much MacGyver as a child.  Regardless, I hang on to alot of stuff…juuuuust in case.

I needed a little Halloween container to pack some treats for Teddy’s lunch (Count Chocula cereal is spooky yummy!) and I had all these plastic Easter eggs lying around because my kiddos love to go on hunts all year. Also, hoarder.

Grabbed the orange, green, purple, white eggs plus a permanent marker and went to town.   Took literally 1 minute to decorate each egg and I love the results.  It was lots of fun too and the kids even got in on the doodling.

Kids' Halloween Eggs

Make a whole bunch of Halloween eggs because they’re so cheap & easy and will be great for a classroom party or favors if you’re throwing a shindig at the house.  I know I’ll be hoarding the orange, purple, green, and white plastic eggs next spring!

Halloween Eggs

What do you think?!?

Merry Kitchen extras: Sharpie, plastic eggs

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