Sack Lunch Bento

Sack Lunch Bento Feature

Teddy’s Kindergarten class had their first field trip last week–a visit to the pumpkin patch!  His favorite part of the day was the tractor ride…and lunch of course.  🙂  We were instructed to pack a “sack lunch” which meant that everything had to be DISPOSABLE.

Could a bento mama do without her usual supplies?!?  No sweat.  Luckily I’m a bit of a hoarder.


  • Lunch Box: Instead of the usual bento box, I cleaned out the HIllshire Farms plastic container which the ham came in and added some doodles & stickers.  SAY NO TO CRUSHED SAMMIES!
  • Sandwich: Ham & cheese sandwich jack o’ lantern using cookie & aspic cutters
  • Veggie: Disposable liner from Daiso filled with carrot slices cut into pumpkin shapes
  • Dip: Ranch dressing in a lidded sauce container (saved from Chinese takeout)
  • Fruit: Cutie with a jack o’ lantern doodle
  • Treat: Halloween trail mix in a treat pouch

DIY Gel Ice Pack
I also wanted to keep that ranch dressing cool, so I made a jack o’ lantern gel ice pack too!


  1. Grab a snack-sized Ziplock baggie
  2. Add 1 cup water
  3. Add 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol
  4. A little bit of food coloring
  5. Seal & double bag it!
  6. Doodle away
  7. Freeze overnight

And here’s a little experiment I conducted to make sure using a Sharpie on a cutie would be ok:

Cutie Pumpkin

No ink bled through.  Yay!  So doodle away on those lunchbox cuties, fellow mamas.

Merry Kitchen extras: Sharpie, disposable linerdisposable dip cup

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