Big Hero 6 Bento

Big Hero 6 Golden Gate

Disney did us bento mamas a huge favor!  We all loved Big Hero 6, but more important than a good movie is a great movie character which is super easy to create with food.  Enter Baymax.

Marshmallows are the obvious go-to for sweet squishy Baymax (Tip of the hat to The Chic Site) so first I made these treats for all the kids in our movie-going group.  They’ll also make great birthday party favors when I start planning Teddy’s 6th in a few months…get it?
Big Hero 6 Treat
Also a safety protip from my friend Ruka: use a piece of dry spaghetti noodle instead of a toothpick to hold the marshmallows together.

Of course after watching the movie I had to make a Big Hero 6 bento featuring Baymax for Teddy!  I also wanted to celebrate San Fransokyo with carrot sticks that can actually assemble into a standing tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.  This one took a little longer than usual due to my very poor knife skills but still came in under 15 min.
Big Hero 6 Time


In addition to Merry Kitchen basics, I also used:

Big Hero 6 Supplies


  • Nori
  • Spam (not pictured)
  • Rice
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Blueberry
  • Carrot
  • Marshmallow
  • Babybel cheese


  1. Take a sheet of nori and use circle punch to cut 2 circles. Use scissors to cut one very thin strip.
  2. (optional) Cube some spam for rice ball filling.
  3. Make a rice ball in oval shape. Add nori eyes and visor while hot.  Set aside to cool.
  4. Arrange cherry tomatoes in a food cup. Place 1 blueberry in the center.  These are Baymax’s “upgrades” which happen to be Teddy’s favorite scene.
  5. Place a marshmallow into another food cup. Add cat pick to recreate the “Hairy baby” scene.
  6. Trim the ends off a carrot and cut in half.  Take the narrower half and cut into 2 pieces, one slightly longer than the other. Cut both pieces in half lengthwise.  These will be the thick legs of the Golden Gate Bridge tower.
  7. Take the other half of the carrot and chop off the rounded parts so that you have a long box.  Slice lengthwise into 2 thick planks.
  8. Build your tower to double check that it is architecturally sound.  Trim as needed.
  9. Cut a squared off “6” into the wax on the cheese.
  10. Fill a sauce cup with ranch.
  11. Arrange into bento box and make plans to go see Big Hero 6 again!
Big Hero 6
Make sure the Golden Gate Bridge pieces fit in your bento!

San Fransokyo, I want to go to there.

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