Hungry Animal Bento

hungry animal bento lunch box

I got some new cutting tools so thought I’d test them out and make a hungry animal bento.  We cheer for sloppy joe night so why wouldn’t our panda, frog, and rabbit buddies?!?  Sloppy joe leftovers are usually the easiest bento to pack, but my new toys took a while to figure out.  More on that later.

Still came in under 10 minutes, most of which were spent experimenting so you could really make this bento in less than 5 minutes!  (Assuming you have sloppy joes in heavy rotation at your home like we do.)

Hungry Animal Bento Time


In addition to Merry Kitchen basics, I also used:

Hungry Animal Bento Supplies


The big mouth animal cutters are super cute but not as easy to use as I’d hoped.  Probably won’t become a go-to in the bento toolbox.

  • The probe is handy to poke out the unused cutouts (eg mouth) and also to run along the inner edge and help release the animal from the cutter.
  • Works fairly well on bread, but you have to press down really hard to get all the shapes to cut cleanly.
  • Tried on a slice of American cheese.  Disaster.  The cheese was too soft and mushy and got stuck in the cutter.  Was a pain to clean.  Tried on a slice of hard cheddar which I cut from a block.  Disaster again. The cheese still managed to gunk up the cutter.
  • Next time may I might freeze a slice of cheese before cutting to see if that helps (doubtful).  Will also try on some deli meat and report on results.  I think the tweezers will be really helpful with that.


  • Leftover sloppy joe
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Blueberry
  • String cheese


  1. Spread a hearty layer of sloppy joe filling along the bottom of a bento box.
  2. Take a slice of bread and use the cutters & probe to make big mouth animals.  Place on top of sloppy joe.
  3. Use a couple of picks to make blueberry kebabs.
  4. Cut the cheese and use remaining picks to make kebabs.
  5. Arrange into bento box.
  6. Be sure to slip in a small spoon and plenty of napkins.

P.S.  Would you agree that Adam Sandler’s greatest legacy might be that every time someone sits down for a loosemeat sandwich they sing “sloppy joe sloppa sloppy joe”?

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