ProTip: Spaghetti Toothpick Trick

Big Hero 6 was deservedly #1 at the box office this weekend!  Which means of course that Baymax treats are showing up quite a bit on Pinterest.  Which brings about this PSA: toothpicks and marshmallows don’t mix!  Turns out it’s not a good idea to hide sharp splintery objects inside of soft foodstuffs for kids.

spaghetti toothpick trick
Luckily my friend Ruka shared this proptip: use dry spaghetti instead!  It works great for holding gooey things in place but also doesn’t pose a safety hazard for children. Worst case scenario if an excited kiddo gobbles instead of nibbles is a surprising crunch that crumbles easily then softens a bit.

Thanks for the spaghetti toothpick trick, Ruka!!!
spaghetti toothpick trick

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