Rice Cooker Pancake Cake

rice cooker pancake cake

Nothing cheers up a cold Monday morning like a hot pancake breakfast.  Instead of slaving over the stovetop flipping them out one by one while hungry little people clamor impatiently, simply prep your favorite kitchen appliance the night before!  Rice cooker pancake cake is a new family favorite: easy for mama and delicious fun for all.

  1. Grease the pot of your beloved rice cooker
  2. Add favorite pancake batter (Don’t fill the pot more than halfway)
  3. Press “cook” (Protip: Cooking right away makes the cake fluffy and your magical appliance will keep it warm until morning. Setting a timer to cook in the morning lets the batter settle and the cake ends up a gummy #pinterestfail)
  4. Groggily stumble into the kitchen in the morning.  Open rice cooker. Discover delicious breakfast hot and ready to go.
  5. Dump onto plate. (The koge crust looks a little alarming but is actually pretty tasty.)
  6. Slice & serve!
rice cooker pancake cake
We like our pancake cake slices with butter, fruit and maple syrup.

This is also my newest hostess trick since it is great for overnight guests or entertaining a large brunch party with ease.

Furthermore, pancake cake stores well in plastic wrap for about 3 days.  And leftovers transport beautifully for a bento lunch treat.

pancake bento lunch box with strawberry maple syrup
Teddy says squeezing out the syrup is half the fun!

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