Japanese Christmas Party

Paris Baguette Christmas Cake
More expat friends from Japan just moved to town, so we invited them over for a Japanese style Christmas party!  As Naoki & I learned from my mother-in-law, the post-war influence of American GIs and a genius marketing campaign by KFC have made fast-food fried chicken and strawberry shortcake the staples of a Japanese Christmas meal.  So we got a big ol’ bucket  from Kentucky Fried Chicken–dark meat only of course because we know tasty.  I love their cole slaw too!  But I can’t stand their powdered, watery mashed potatoes so I made my favorite heartstopping Big Martha Mashed Potatoes and a spinach, pear, walnut, cranberry, blue cheese salad with champagne vinaigrette.  Oishii-desu!

Japanese Christmas Dinner
Please notice my Christmas tree placesettings which I’m super proud of.  Tucked the red & white napkins from Marshalls into 5 golden rings (hahaha) and for the green napkins I folded Christmas trees!!!

Christmas PlacesettingChristmas Tree Placesetting

I <3 origami.  Thank you Instructables.

We started the party with oshi sushi which my mother-in-law taught me how to make.  We made eel, mackerel, and smoked salmon.  (I’ll write up a good tutorial soon.)
Oshi sushi
And ended the meal with a delicious Christmas Cake from Paris Baguette, which is technically Korean but the closest thing we have to a good Japanese bakery chain around here.
Japanese Christmas Cake
The Japanese Christmas cake is a layered sponge cake with glazed strawberry filling covered with whipped cream and adorable little Christmas decorations.  Lovely and delicious.  The only weird thing about the Paris Baguette Christmas Cake was the new warning I noticed on the side of the cake box which has never been there before.  I wonder what happened to bring this about?!?
Paris Baguette warning

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