Santa Bento

santa bento lunch This week’s lunch theme is all Christmas all the time!  Had to start off with a Santa bento inspired by Anya E.

Snowman sidekick inspired by Bento-logy.  I only had regular (not mini) chocolate chips so the snowman looks a little wonky.  But I’m pretty sure my 5yo will be so excited to find a powdered doughnut in his lunchbox that he won’t care.


  • Ham & cheese Santa sandwich (I used food pens for the face.)
  • Tomato & Marshmallow Santa hat
  • Celery
  • Peanut butter & ranch (dip cups not pictured)
  • Hostess Donette, carrot, and chocolate chip snowman

Hope these Christmas bentos help my little guy enjoy the countdown until winter break!

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