Stocking Stuffer Chewing Gum

Stocking Stuffer Chewing Gum

Teddy is finally old enough to chew gum and he is OBSESSED!  I remembered the cutest little advent calendar by My Little Mochi from years ago and decided to make some…


  1. Buy a few chewing gum blister packs (I used Orbit White sugarfree spearmint 18 packs)
  2. Break out the Sharpies and go nuts.

I made My Little Mochi inspired snowmen:
Chewing Gum Snowmen

And then got creative with a Christmas tree scene:
Chewing Gum Christmas Tree

And finally made a Nutcracker and Mouse King to commemorate chaperoning T-Bone’s Kindergarten field trip to the ballet.  This one is my favorite!
Chewing Gum Nutcracker

I can’t wait to see his little face on Christmas morning!
Chewing Gum Merry Xmas



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