Bear Bento

As some of you know, I recently joined the reddit community (shoutout to /r/bento) and even participated in the record-breaking Reddit Secret Santa exchange.  I got the cutest gifts from a mystery friend who indulged my love for cute bento lunch tools and Lucy van Pelt.  🙂secret santa gifts
I tried out the CuteZCute cutting tool on the far right to make this panda bear bento.  It also makes a pig, frog, or teddy bear.  Super simple and easy and adorable–thanks again Secret Santa!

bear bento


  • Panda Bear Sandwich: Used the animal sandwich cutter with Teddy’s favorite soft white bread & Nutella spread
  • Leftover Pasta
  • Blueberry skewers
  • Ranch Dip
  • 3D bear: Used a carrot cutter which I’ll admit was NOT simple.  Had to slice the carrot on a bias to get the proper length, and each slice had to be the same thickness.  I had to go back and trim quite a bit with a paring knife to get the pieces to fit together.  Teddy liked the novelty of this bear puzzle in his lunch, but I probably don’t have the patience to try it again!

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